From luxurious kitchens and baths to decorative architectural features that truly personalize your home, heirloom quality that is crafted to last for generations is the standard that Jeff Nilson Designs lives by. We enjoy applying our skills to a broad range of projects, and thrive on challenges, especially the ones that others say can’t be done.

In an age where most shops outsource the manufacture of drawers, doors, moldings and even the cabinet boxes themselves, the art of traditional woodworking skill and knowledge is being lost.

Jeff Nilson Designs is unique in that everything is made in-house. Our passionate team of artisans demonstrate their pride, skill and tenacity on each and every project, with timeless quality as the number one priority. Ambitious and inventive in our ability to make form meet function, Jeff Nilson Designs offers high quality woodwork that is moderately priced, and creatively unique.

Equipment and technology – Many shops today consist of little more than a table saw and an iron. Our 10,000 square foot facility is fully equipped with traditional woodworking machinery and hand tools, as well as high-tech equipment to maximize efficiency and, more importantly, produce a superior quality product. Due to the high caliber of our work, our services are sought after by discerning customers, as well as other shops in our industry.

Jointing and planing – Craftsmen have known for years that the key to quality construction and stability is true and straight lumber. Yet many craftsmen rely on the lumber supplier to deliver it. We face, edge joint and plane our lumber in our own facility.

Wide belt sanding – This provides a superior flattened surface on door panels and large table tops, and also adds to efficiency in the sanding department.

Gang rip saw, grinding room and molder – The gang rip saw maximizes efficiency by straight-lining rough edged boards and ripping multiple widths all in one pass. These boards will later feed into our 5-headed molder to create moldings for base, casing, and crown moldings, to name a few. We also make custom knives for one-off molding and door profiles, and can match profiles on historical renovations.

Veneer – When veneer is required, we use traditional wood glue’s and a vacuum press to ensure a permanent bond. Many today rely on contact adhesives which we feel is a temporary solution.

fireworks-aboutpgCAD and CNC – Computer Aided Design (CAD) software gives us the ability to not only help the customer conceptualize what the final project will look like, but it also assists in helping us problem-solve the construction process, create cut lists, and even send the project “screen to CNC-machine” to accurately cut cabinet parts, drill and locate hardware holes, as well as cut and profile architectural details like elliptical and radius moldings or corbels.

Passion – Our design ideas transcend all styles, and our passion doesn’t stop at wood. We also do metal fabrication for island tops and metal table bases.

We partner with homeowners and professionals alike
Jeff Nilson Designs will help our clients in any way possible, whether it’s constructing a simple piece, detailing and engineering a plan to completion, or collaborating between all that is involved in the harmony of any of these elements. Our customer profile ranges from the homeowner with nothing more than an idea, to design or construction professionals with a detailed plan looking for us to implement and/or expand upon it.

Urban lumber
Nilson live edge lumber is dedicated to conservation. We salvage local trees destined for the landfill, mill them into slabs and lumber, dry them in custom-made solar kilns, and construct breathtaking slab tables and furniture that allows “the soul of the tree” to live on. Having the ability to take raw timber and turn it into one-of-a-kind pieces allows us the freedom to be a one stop shop. Each piece is as unique as a fingerprint. Whether it’s a Legacy or heritage tree or a simple street tree, we find deep satisfaction through the metamorphosis of changing the mortality of what would ordinarily be discarded or burned.

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